Alpha Food Labs incubates and develops proprietary food and beverage brands.

Varietal is our first product family in development is a snack brand based on deliciously unique, sustainably grown ingredients.



Varietal makes deliciously simple snacks that can heal the planet.

Food that’s grown better, tastes better. Varietal’s mission is to showcase deliciously sustainable ingredients that make for incredible snacks and promote a more sustainable food system.

Each product within the Varietal brand family will feature ingredients and growing methods that do their part to support biodiversity, healthier soils, cleaner water, and a more regenerative agricultural system. 

But no matter how sustainably grown the food is, we know it won’t make a difference in the world if it’s not utterly irresistible to eaters of all kinds. 

We want to show people that sustainably grown food is not just good for the planet, but good for their palates too. And if we can make that connection in people’s hearts, minds, and mouths, we can build a future of food that’s truly better for people and planet.  





Our goal is to show people that food that’s grown better, tastes better.

Varietal Crop Crackers are a line of delicious snack crackers that come in flavors made from a diverse assortment of wheats, legumes, and seeds all planted within a Crop Rotation. Crop rotations have been used on farms since the dawn of agriculture to support healthy and productive soil that leads to tastier food.

delicious from the ground Up

Creating deliciousness actually doesn’t start in the kitchen, it starts on the farm, in the soil. Soil is where food, nutrition, and flavor come from, so the better you treat your soil, the better your food is going to be. There’s a ton of ways you can make soil healthier, but a crop rotation is one of the most tried and true ways to do it.

You don’t need to be a farmer or soil scientist to appreciate our Crop Crackers. They’re just damn good crackers that we know you’ll love. But every Crop Cracker you eat sends a message to farmers everywhere that you support better growing practices that include things like Crop Rotations.

Help us help farmers do the right thing by creating bigger demand and incentives for them to grow food that’s better for people, planet, and palate.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey that will definitely be tasty and just might heal the planet along the way.



Varietal Crop Crackers are in development and launching soon. Send us an email for general inquiries or sales information.